Enjoy a pub-quality pour of our sublime Skinny Lager and Skinny IPA with our Skinny Draught system and accessories.

Our Skinny Draught beer dispenser and kegs can be used in both home and commercial settings, delivering that classic full flavour of Skinny Lager and Skinny IPA taste straight from the tap.


How Many Pints Are in A Keg?

This depends on the size of the keg: a 24L keg holds around 42 pints, while 12L kegs hold half that - around 21 pints. 

Can You Buy Beer Kegs for Home?

Yes, you can get beer kegs for your home. At Skinny, we offer 24L draught kegs for both IPA and lager. If you don’t already have an at-home beer dispenser, you can get one of our Skinny IPA or Skinny Lager draught machines, which will give you that perfect pub-quality pour.

Can I Hire a Skinny Beer Draught Machine?

Yes, you can. We offer ‌hire for both our lager and IPA machines. Simply purchase the hire from our shop and then email us at to request your hire dates. Feel free to email us first to check and please note that we usually need 7-14 days notice. This is a must-have to impress your guests at the next party.

What Do I Need to Set Up a Beer Machine?

Setting up a beer tap usually requires a gas bottle, gas regulators and coolers alongside other accessories. However, our Skinny draught beer machines don’t require any of that; you can use the draught beer dispenser at home and all you’ll need is a keg.

Not sure which draught unit to purchase? See how Skinny Draught compares with Heineken Blade, Heineken Sub and PerfectDraft units.

What Does Draught Beer Mean?

Draught beer is any beer that is served from either a cask or a keg rather than a can or a bottle. Draught beer is typically served in a commercial setting such as a pub but with the Skinny draught units and kegs, you can enjoy a delicious pint of draught Skinny Lager or Skinny IPA straight from the comfort of your own home.