Collection: SKINNY LAGER

Looking for a vegan, lower calorie and/or gluten-free lager that doesn’t compromise on taste?

Skinny Lager has 35% fewer calories and 72% fewer carbs than other premium lagers whilst having the full flavour and malty taste you’d expect from a premium lager. Plus, it is gluten-free certified and approved by the Vegan Society.


Are all lagers vegan?

No, a lot of lagers on the market aren’t vegan, because isinglass (a product obtained from fish) is often used in the filtration process. However, that’s not the case for our Skinny vegan lager as we use different filtration methods.

Are all lagers gluten-free?

Most lagers contain barley, so you should avoid them if you don’t want to consume gluten. Gluten-free lagers are available on the market however they are  usually made by excluding gluten (i.e. barley) from the ingredients and therefore taste different to traditional lagers that are made with barley.

When making Skinny Lager, we brew using barley which ensures that we keep the full flavour,  traditional taste of lager. Then we remove the gluten to a value of <10ppm which is below the <20ppm required for us to be gluten-free beer that’s certified by the Coeliac Society.

How many calories are there in a pint of lager?

Calorie content in lagers can range depending on the manufacturer, but for example, a pint of San Miguel has 256 calories, a pint of Peroni has 235 calories, while a pint of our lower calorie lager, Skinny,  has only 149 calories.

How many calories do gluten-free lagers have?

Gluten-free lagers can have as little as 89 calories (Skinny Lager) to 158 calories (San Miguel GF) in a 330ml bottle. See below for the calorie content within a 330ml bottle of different lagers.

  • Skinny Lager - 89 cals
  • San Miguel (GF) - 158 cals
  • Stella (GF) - 130 cals
  • Peroni (GF) - 143 cals
  • Daura Damm (GF) - 155 cals

How many units are there in lager?

In a 330ml bottle of 4.0% ABV lager there are 1.3 units. The average adult can process one alcohol unit in an hour, so little or no alcohol should be left in your blood after an hour and a half from consuming a 330ml bottle of Skinny Lager, although these are guidelines only and the time can vary from person to person. 

How many carbs do lagers have?

Most lagers on the market have between 8.6g (Budweiser) and 13.2g (Corona Extra) carbs in a 330ml bottle. On the other hand, Skinny Lager, a lower carb larger, has only  3g carbs in a 330ml bottle. Use our lager comparison tool to see how many calories and carbs popular lagers have including gluten-free lagers.

Is lager a beer?

Yes, lager is a type of beer and what makes lager different from other beer, such as ale, is that it’s fermented slowly from the bottom up and at a low temperature. This technical method of production is what differentiates lager from other beer.